Our Story

All success stories can begin with a challenge…

Many Black girls are not provided with role models that they can look up to, that look like them, and who understand their experiences with racism and bias.

Wonderfully Made is aimed at addressing the needs of Black girls, and hopes to create opportunities for them to feel apart of a community, to achieve mentoring and support to achieve their goals, and to receive opportunities to be successfully. As other girls are afforded.

The Challenge

From our experience as core group members, we know that Black girls experience greater barriers, systemic racism, and bias within their schools, communities, and neighborhoods. We identify that multiple barriers exist, and prevent girls from achieving their goals.

Barriers: negative feedback from others, systemic oppression , feeling disconnected from home and school communities, lack of identity support through social media have had a direct impact on their self-esteem and self-confidence in realizing these goals and dreams. 

Outcomes: Further, these experiences led to traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.  Other concerns are: higher rates of criminalization, low school success rates, at risk for abusive interpersonal and community violence, and higher rates of mental health concerns. 

Wonderfully Made will change: young women will have the opportunity to give back to their own community by supporting and encouraging younger girls to achieve their goals,  with their newly acquired leadership skills such as coaching, social skills, decision making and emotional intelligence.  Through connecting them with professionals we hope to increase their employability skills, their mental health, and their overall wellbeing.

Future generations: mentees are emerging in their journeys, will have strong mentors to change the challenges and barriers that currently exist.


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“If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them.”

bell hooks

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