Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is an empowerment initiative for young women, by young women to inspire leadership, representation, courage, and resilience.

Our organization is a youth-led, grassroots organization designed to empower, build, and support a generation of resilient, courageous, and bold Black, Indigenous and colored girls and women.

Creating strong leaders

Inspiring Change

Empowering Futures

Wonderfully Made is designed to support young girls aged 12 to 29 years old become leaders. Our core group membership consists of strong, Black women desiring to create greater opportunities and representation for younger women. Become part of our initiative, become a mentor, and join our journey.

Opening Virtual Launch Party

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Our next workshop is Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 5:30 pm- 7:30pm designed for girls 8 to 21.

Wonderfully Made Principles

Pillars of Change





At Wonderfully Made, we are striving to achieve healthy outcomes for girls and women.

Our Funder

In June 2021, Wonderfully Made received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Youth Innovations Grant to support programming within the community.

Articles & Blog Posts

Launch Party

On September 16, 2021, Wonderfully Made will host its inaugural launch and information session. This online event features: meeting the founders, information about the program, prizes and more. Why Wonderfully Made? Wonderfully Made is a Black-led grassroots organization, led by youth that aims to cultivate emotional, mental and career wellbeing for Black girls and women. …

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Program Manual

The program manual provides a brief overview of the role of the mentor and the mentee, and will guide new participants in their role. The role of a mentor Mentors: The volunteers who will be matched with mentees in the program (older girls/women). Mentees: The youth who will participate in the program and who will…

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100 Shades of Black: Understanding colourism

In this workshop we celebrate the beauty that exists in all shades of brown and highlight the importance of young Black women uniting. This workshop is to educate girls on the impacts of colourism in their daily lives, and spread awareness on the importance of solidarity to appreciate and encompass all shades of brown.  Colourism…

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Evaluation Process

How we collect data Our organization’s mission is to provide related services to residents, clients, customers, patients, and our community. We evaluate our programs to ensure that these programs are indeed useful to the community. Our program evaluation is goal-based and include process, outcomes, effectiveness, formative, summative, and needs assessments. To analyze the Wonderfully Made…

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Goals for Mentors

Wonderfully Made strives to develop and foster a respectful, collaborative, and inclusive environment for each other, our service users, and the community. Through this environment, we promote innovation and initiative and encourage our team to grow and expand within this environment. As a team we practice an inclusive and anti-oppressive practice that dismantles and addresses…

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The Mentorship Experience

The Importance of Creating Wonderfully Made Program Young Black girls experience many barriers at the individual, cultural, and systemic/structural levels. Such barriers can take the form of negative feedback from others, which may take the form of a lack of identity support via social media, or systemic oppression.  As a result, they may feel disconnected…

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