Our organization is a youth-led, grassroots organization designed to empower, build, and support a generation of resilient, courageous, and bold Black, Indigenous and colored girls and women.

Creating Strong Leaders

Inspiring Change

Empowering Futures

Wonderfully Made is designed to support young girls aged 12 to 29 years old to become leaders. Our core group membership consists of strong, Black women desiring to create greater opportunities and representation for younger women. Become part of our initiative, become a mentor, and join our journey.

Programming for Girls, Women, and Mentors

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Wonderfully Made Principles

Pillars of Change





At Wonderfully Made, we are striving to achieve healthy outcomes for girls and women.

Our Funder

In June 2021, Wonderfully Made received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Youth Innovations Grant to support programming within the community.

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