Program Manual

The program manual provides a brief overview of the role of the mentor and the mentee, and will guide new participants in their role.

The role of a mentor

Mentors: The volunteers who will be matched with mentees in the program (older girls/women).

Mentees: The youth who will participate in the program and who will be matched with mentors (younger girls).

You will be completing courses online that teach you skills relating to a number of topics, like self-growth, career development, and embracing your uniqueness.

These courses are broken down into modules that take about an hour to complete. As a mentee, you will be connected to an adult mentor that can help support you during transitions, to help support your day-to-day life, and to support your general wellbeing.

Anyone can become a mentor

Be Teachable Have an open mind. Participate in Meetings and Events. Show up and be present. Ask Questions!

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People of colour experience a disproportionate rate of stress-related health conditions due to various reasons compared to privileged population. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to be effective for managing stress and various stress-related health conditions.

The importance of being still

Loneliness | Mental Health | Healthy News Blog | Lee Health

The workshop will focus on mindfulness which refers to live more consciously and to deal with stressful thoughts, emotions, and it is a form of meditation. This workshop will emphasis on improving concentration and performance, being able to relax, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. The facilitator will include activities that will connect the participants to familiarizing with the spiritual ideology and cultural practices in order to enhance cultural relevance. Likewise, to demonstrate that mindfulness meditation can be a beneficial therapeutic intervention, the facilitator will employ the benefits of mindfulness. For example, learning how to handle and get rid of stress, become more focused and happier, enjoy more, work more effectively and sleep better.

There will be exercises for the group members to enhance their awareness about physical and mental sensation and being able to present in the moment. For example, the facilitator and group will practice a simple breathing exercise that involves a four-count inhale, hold it for a count of two, and then a four-count exhale. Later, they will discuss how the exercise worked when they were feeling overwhelmed or their mind was racing. Allowing themselves to pause, take deep breaths, and notice their thoughts again and without judgment. Breathing and just noticing their thoughts will not only reduce their feeling of anxiety but it will bring them to the present moment where they will feel more peaceful, clear and energetic for making their future decisions. 

Ready to start? Practice with the Creators for Change: A guided Meditation for Stressed Out Girls

Interested in other workshops?

Self-Development 101

This course is geared to support mentors access tools needed to develop themselves both professionally and interpersonally. The course covers developing achievable goals, healthy communication, managing conflict and emotional regulation. The course consists of short videos, self-reflection and articles. The course should take 1 hour to complete and is a prerequisite course for the mentorship…

Art Workshop

Explore art expression, creativity and healing in art workshop. Practice using different mediums to express your inner soul. In this workshop, girls use art as a way to express their thoughts, their experiences and creativity. Use mindfulness and meditation to generate your creativity, and to focus on using art to express yourself. Goals: encourage girls…

Smart Social Media

Overview: This program aims to help young women navigate through our new modern world of social media responsibly; understanding what is acceptable vs unacceptable. We examine different commonly used social media platforms, as well as the content we are exposed to on a daily basis, and how these platforms impact our overall well beings and…

Black Girls Today

Every organization has a story that explains our reasons for being here, in this place, at this time. Our story began with an idea, generated five years ago, and nurtured by experiences, elders, and key opportunities. To learn more about our story visit: We developed Wonderfully Made and Girls who Lead due to the lack…

Professional Identity

Acting like a million bucks!

In North America, many people define themselves by their professional identity. Having a great professional presence online and in person is designed to assist you with achieving your career goals. For Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, a mentor can also help guide you on the journey you wish to try.


This workshop will focus on how professional, personal and environmental resources help to develop one’s professional identity.

The facilitator ensure a safe learning environment to discuss challenges, ethical dilemmas, cognitive processes that can help the members to develop their confidence, competency and their knowledge of diversity and inclusion that will help the process of professional growth.

The workshop focuses on having a strong professional identity that enables us to consider our values and how they relate to the behaviours that are expected of us by being an individual, professional, and colleagues.

Likewise, the workshop also examined the ways how attitudes, values, knowledge, beliefs and skills that shared with others within a professional group can help to enhance the professional identities.

Having a strong professional identity enables us to consider our values as an individual professional and colleague.


This workshop is designed for mentors and mentees, and is a pre requisite for mentors to meet their professional mentee.

Self-Development 101

This course is geared to support mentors access tools needed to develop themselves both professionally and interpersonally. The course covers developing achievable goals, healthy communication, managing conflict and emotional regulation.

The course consists of short videos, self-reflection and articles. The course should take 1 hour to complete and is a prerequisite course for the mentorship course.

A certificate is provided once completed.

Mind and Body

This workshop focuses on teaching mentors and mentees about the synergy that can exist between our minds, our spirits, and our bodies. We demonstrate the connection that exists with our thoughts, behaviour and feelings. We discuss healthy ways to channel our thoughts and feelings, create intention and mindfulness, and generating self-love and compassion.

Representation Matters

In this workshop we explore the importance for girls to see images of beauty, intelligence and talent that fits with their own identity. The workshop will address how low body confidence and anxieties over appearances stops young girls from being confident in their self.

Background: It’s disheartening that girl’s overall happiness is based on body confidence and that girls are made to feel that their looks are the most important thing. According to the Dove Project, a shocking 47% of girls aged 11-21 believe the way they look holds them back (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016). From as young as 7, girls feel the impact of daily sexist images of women and girls in the media, online and all around them (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016). Girls are constantly forced to confront intense and unobtainable appearance pressures to be perfect while simultaneously feeling they are not good enough (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016). From a young age­ girls experience intense appearance pressures and fears that their bodies and looks keep them from doing everything things. According to figure 1 below, girls aged 11-21 are ashamed of the way they look most of the time (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016). Most girls compare themselves to celebrity figures and find that they do not feel pretty enough (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016). In fact, 31% of those girls are constantly comparing themselves to other people (Girls’ Attitudes Survey, 2016) prepared by: Miriam

Objectives: deconstruct social media and cultural representation of beauty, explore body image and body shaming, develop strategies to build self-image and self-love, and explore the importance of, “representation” for Black, Indigenous and racialized girls.