Trade Programs

According to Ontario Colleges, there is a perception that girls will not excel in skilled trade careers such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, mining, welding, and more (Reference:

Since our programs are designed to break stereotypes, we are creating exposure to girls to learn about skilled trades, and access to competitive and fascinating workplaces. Promoting women to work in skilled trades also promotes entrepreneurship, independence and autonomy within the field.

Our workshops include professional women in skilled trades providing mentorship and presenting as guest speakers. In addition, we seek tours and opportunities from local businesses to guide girls into a new field.

Dismantling stereotypes, and creating opportunities for girls to succeed.

Trades Workshops

Trade workshops help to expose young women to opportunities tailored for their success.

Imagine a world where all women believed in their abilities, their self-worth, and their power. Imagine a world where women could choose their path because they were empowered, supported and guided.

Through our trade workshops, we connect young girls and young women with women involved in the trades. These women are well established in their careers, they own their businesses, and they are passionate about supporting our girls.


Mentorships & Guidance

Learning Opportunities

Watch us Soar!

Launch Party

On September 16, 2021, Wonderfully Made will host its inaugural launch and information session. This online event features: meeting the founders, information about the program, prizes and more. Why Wonderfully Made? Wonderfully Made is a Black-led grassroots organization, led by youth that aims to cultivate emotional, mental and career wellbeing for Black girls and women. …

Program Manual

The program manual provides a brief overview of the role of the mentor and the mentee, and will guide new participants in their role. The role of a mentor Mentors: The volunteers who will be matched with mentees in the program (older girls/women). Mentees: The youth who will participate in the program and who will…

100 Shades of Black: Understanding colourism

In this workshop we celebrate the beauty that exists in all shades of brown and highlight the importance of young Black women uniting. This workshop is to educate girls on the impacts of colourism in their daily lives, and spread awareness on the importance of solidarity to appreciate and encompass all shades of brown.  Colourism…