Body Image

Course Objective: This workshop will address ways to prevent and understand negative body image by critically examining harmful messages presented in the media as well as common attitudes and myths in society at large. The program also explores how negative body image and low self-esteem can be linked with unhealthy behaviours such as disordered eating and over-exercising, risk-taking and the impact on mental wellness.

Goals: Girls can discuss how they can feel better about their bodies and learn skills to support others.  

Group Formats

Mentee groups may occur in a 2-3 hour workshop, a day conference from 9 am to 3pm, or over a few weeks.

Mentors, core group members and host organizations create a potential yearly cycle of potential groups and programs, as well as provide flexibility for specific requests for group.

Why do this?

  • Planning our year to provide wholesome and innovative workshops and programs for mentees and mentors
  • Remaining responsive to the community’s needs and requests to build supports for mentees in their community and school.

A Sample plan for a 6-week mentee group:

Sample Topics

1“I am and I can”In this session, we get to know each other and learn about our unique style and personality.
2“Wonderfully made”In this session, we learn how to identify our strengths and talents, how we can share these with the world, and how we can support other girls to do the same.
3Learning More about You & Girls Just Like YouIn this session, we learn about the accomplishments of many amazing girls around the world, and we learn how we also can do amazing things within our world.  
4The Story is just beginningIn this session, we learn how to tell our story to help and inspire other girls and to tell our story even when it is very hard.  We will learn how to communicate in healthy ways without hurting each other’s feelings.  
5“When times get tough, Breathe”In this session, we learn how to use calming strategies to help us conquer adversities and difficult times in a healthy way.  
6Wonderfully Made Girls Rock!In this session, we close with a celebration and a reminder that we are truly amazing girls inside and out.