Our principles. Our values. Our focus. The changes we will create.

Wonderfully Made was created to provide Black women and girls a safe space to explore their identity, be empowered by people within their community, and receive resources through mentors to achieve their goals. We value the importance of connection, resiliency, culture, and guidance. Our goal is to focus on both the intersection of gender and race to meet the needs of the Black women and girls. Through the use of story telling, exploring our ancestors past and celebrating the accomplishments of Black women today we wish to empower our youth to be proud of who they are. We are interested in teaching them that they have value, they are able to accomplish their dreams, how to advocate for themselves and be influential leaders in the spaces they occupy. Lastly, we aspire to see lasting changes for younger generations that follow in our steps.

What Wonderfully made does…

Create strong leaders

Developing workshops that focus on teaching young women valuable skills and expertise in leadership, their profession and careers, employability skills, and emotional intelligence.

Develop social policy

Through advocacy and civic engagement, we encourage policy makers to consider the importance of investing in the lives of Black women, and Indigenous and women of colour. We encourage curriculum to reflect the experiences of these women, and we work along side schools and teachers to develop workshops for girls.

Build resiliency

By fostering and creating social and community connections between mentors, mentees and elders through our workshops, an annual retreat, and support groups.

Enrich outcomes, reduce barriers

By creating access to developing skills through workshops, connections with mentors and elders, and programs for young girls, we are enriching the outcomes for Black women, and addressing the barriers that exist in their lives. We are creating opportunities for girls to feel represented in their communities, and believe in the possibilty for their success.


What does it mean to be you?

16 hours

Developing your identity, your values and goals.

Leaving a Legacy

16 hours

Leaving your mark on the generations to come, and becoming an advocate for future generations.

Mental health and self care

16 hours

Understanding your mental wellness, and developing healthy strategies.

How to be an effective mentor?

8 hours

Developing the skills to support the mentees, and becoming an effective role model.

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