Girls who Lead.

These young women are aged 16 to 29 years old. who have achieved certification to become a mentor & workshop leader for Wonderfully Made. The process to become a mentor consists of joining Girls who Lead, attending a specific number of workshops, attending our annual retreat, and completing our application form.

Activities for Outreach include:

  • Networking & partnership
  • Leading workshops and groups
  • Organizing events and the annual retreat
  • Global discussions & networking
  • Addressing solutions for social problems that impact girls

Mentors participating in outreach programs to schools, community centres and other cultural centres to girls aged 12 to 21 years old.
Mentors are encouraged to enrol and participate in workshops to develop their competencies, skills and passion to support younger girls.
Mentors can also connect with older women who are already in their career, profession, or lifestyle of choice to develop deeper connections & support. This is Elder to Youth Mentorship.
Photo by Blue Ox Studio on Pexels.com
Internationally, mentors will learn about experiences of women across the world and support awareness and connection with each other.
Mentors work with each other to address, discuss and outreach to girls impacted by significant issues such as: child exploitation, poverty, human trafficking, mental health stigma, homophobia, and more.

Girls who lead may choose to write, host podcasts, produce artistic content, and showcase their skills regionally, provincially, and nationally. Girls who Lead are encouraged to develop their leadership skills to create successful outcomes for their lives. Our supportive network provides mentors with safe places to land in need, and great places to launch their careers, their professions, their lifestyles, and more.
Through collective support, we aim to reduce isolation among girls and increase self-representation.
We create better outcomes for people by inspiring change and leadership in our community. We encourage Girls who Lead to generate wealth, reduce poverty and build skills.
Girls who Lead are given opportunities to achieve their outcomes, despite the barriers that exist. We address and seek to dismantle systemic oppression that impact our girls’ lives. And, we encourage their identity, their knowledge, their wisdom, integrity, and growth holistically.

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