Consider expanding your supports by becoming a mentor with, “Girls who Lead”.

Girls who Lead are guided to become mentors for Wonderfully Made girls.

Steps to becoming a mentor

Mentorship opportunities are available for girls aged 16 to 29 years old whom have expressed a desire to join, Girls who Lead. Complete an online interest form. The potential mentor will meet with the core group team and project coordinator to express interest, to develop goals for their involvement in the program, and for an orientation.

Girls who Lead Mentors

Once completed the orientation, mentors are encouraged to attend monthly workshops held in the community, and online workshops that prepare them to become mentors. Each year, the mentors are offered a free weekend retreat in North Ontario to further build their teamwork skills, identity development and spiritual journey (i.e. the connection between the mind, body and soul).

Wonderfully Made

Once the young woman feels prepared, they are encouraged to join our core group member, project coordinator, and mentors in one of the active Wonderfully Made programs. This may consist of: attending or facilitating an in-school workshop, facilitating a Wonderfully Made support group, organizing an outreach project, and one on one sessions with a mentee. Girls who Lead are provided with opportunities to expand their reach and their vision to create healthy representation for younger women.

Mentoring for Girls who Lead

In the orientation meeting, girls identify: professional, career, and lifestyle goals for themselves. In professional goals, we work with girls to access our workshops and community-based workshops that can improve their skills and expertise. In career goals, we match girls with employment supports and mentors (i.e. Black, Indigenous or Women of Colour) who can provide the girls with further supports to increase marketable skills and networking. Finally, for lifestyle goals, girls are matched with an elder who supports them emotionally, with relationships, and with building community.

I’m a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenally woman, that’s me.

Maya Angelou

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