The Mentorship program is designed for young women aged 16 to 29 years old, who have both a desire to develop leadership skills and to promote social justice for younger girls aged 12 to 18 years old. The program supports a relationship between mentors and mentees.

Through collective discussion and collaboration, the girls can work through issues like body image and valuing oneself. The mentors will facilitate discussions and will add their thoughts, feelings and their own unique experiences from a cultural lens.

The program inspires girls to develop a sense of self by working with youth that look like them and can provide them with an image of beauty, intelligence and talent that is contrary to their own identity. By the end of their training, their role is to provide the same support to mentees, so mentee can build a positive self-esteem, positive self-image and healthy body images through their guidance, leadership and compassion.

Mentor Description

            Wonderfully Made recruits volunteer mentors who are coloured girls between the ages of 16-29 years of age. Our program uses peer-mentoring model that matches youth-to-youth, leading to a deeper more transformation impact. We match youth with similarly diverse backgrounds that are between the ages of 8-15. Our mentors are typically in senior years of high school or university that want to made a difference in their community by providing guidance, support and a positive influencing role model.

            Mentors are responsible for the well-being of young individuals and so hold a lot of responsibility. Each mentor is screened, trained and supported by a staff social worker for the duration of the mentoring relationship.

 Each mentor is delievers workshops that require creative approaches to the topics at hand. Mentors are required to provide 5+ hours of time commitment per month and must be consistent and on time to each event. Additional skills that the mentor will possess and develop include; leadership skills, to be able to make connections, emotional regulation and presentation skills.  

Desired Outcomes

Through our program, Mentors will build their confidence and advocate for their needs.


Mentors will develop a sense of community, belonging, and reduce social isolation. They feel, “seen, heard, and understood


Mentors will enhance their competencies and skills within their careers, in their homes, in their relationships, community, and ultimately, in themselves.


Join our Initiative. Become a Girl who Leads others.