Holistic Healing

Finding Power Within to Heal our Hurts and Nurture Our Souls

Healing through the body, mind, and spirit.

Our workshops and annual retreats focus upon facilitating healing for young women using holistic approaches. We see the body as interconnected with our minds and our spirits. Our physical bodies are supported through nutrition, exercise, emotional expressions, healthy experiences and social connections. Our minds, the centre of our knowledge and wisdom is enriched with programs that focus on education, leadership, cultural awareness, historical events and spoken word. Our spirits, the birthplace of our intuition, faith, soul are supported through workshops that help us generate the power within.

Annual Retreat

Each year, the program hosts an annual retreat for Girls who Lead to support their connection with each other, to engage in team building and experiential exercises, and to work with coaches and speakers across our province.


Our internal and external workshops teach our Girls who Lead skills in developing and discovering their identity, enhancing their emotional intelligence skills, supporting their healing from past trauma and difficult experiences, and establishing goals and leading by example.


Girls who Lead have access to mentors, counsellors and life coaches who can support their development from a group to individual format. Our young women will receive guidance, support, and knowledge on how to empower change and holistic healing in their lives.

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