Wonderfully Made is a story about how mentors were cultivated to mentor younger girls. Our elders play a key role in developing our mentors and inspiring them towards greatness. Elders share stories about their knowledge, experience and expertise to guide the development of our youth. They plant seeds of inspiration, hope and promise to encourage their success in areas of their life.

Becoming an elder

Elders meet with our Clinical Director and Executive team to discuss their proposal, and arrange dates to initiate or lead discussions with youth.

Professional Mentor

Professional mentors are older individuals (30 +) who are advanced in their career and professional role. The professional mentor spends one on one time with a mentee (aged 16 to 24) to guide and support their career and professional aspirations. The professional mentor works with the mentee on a life coaching basis through modelling and motivational interviewing to help the mentor on their journey.

Becoming a professional mentor

Professional mentors are encouraged to complete an interest application indicating their strengths and areas of expertise. They meet with the Youth Outreach Counsellor to establish rapport and enhance awareness of the program. The professional mentor is matched with a mentee. They work together on their own pace. The Youth Outreach Counsellor checks in on the match on a monthly basis, and provides support where needed.

Workshop Leaders

Each month, Wonderfully Made hosts a monthly workshop for youth members. The workshop consists of an elder greeting and teaching, experiential activity, and open discussion. Elders or professional mentors are invited to participate in one of the workshops. Meals are provided.

Upcoming dates and topics

To be posted

Retreat Speakers

Once per year, Wonderfully Made crew participates in a weekend retreat to support girls and to celebrate their accomplishments over the past few months. The retreat is an opportunity to build emotional, spiritual, and ancestral connection between the girls, to build their self-identity and confidence, and to heal their past experiences.

Elders and professional mentors who attend the retreat are invited to provide informal support to girls, or facilitate a workshop.

Upcoming dates and schedules

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Ancestral Wisdom

Who are we? Where did we come from? What was our history? Where can we go? This workshop focuses upon sharing wisdom of past ancestors, leaders, and change makers. Our history is often always told through the eyes of the slave master and its ancestors, but this course focuses on the history told by our ancestors, our leaders, and…


“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou What is Resilience? Resilience is the ability to adapt to life challenges and stressors. We all have resilience. It can emerge at various times in our life. Resiliency occurs when we effectively deal and confront life challenges. As we overcome one challenge, we…

Self-Development 101

This course is geared to support mentors access tools needed to develop themselves both professionally and interpersonally. The course covers developing achievable goals, healthy communication, managing conflict and emotional regulation. The course consists of short videos, self-reflection and articles. The course should take 1 hour to complete and is a prerequisite course for the mentorship course. A certificate is…

Young Women as Leaders

Overview: This program aims to aspire young women to leadership; to build confidence in young women by educating and equipping them with the skills necessary to practice effective leadership in their daily lives. This program provides young women with opportunities to be involved and connect with their community. We examine the skill sets of a leader, and become empowered…

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