Annual Retreat

Young women, aged 14 to 29 years old, join us for our annual four-day retreat held once per year. Experience our Indigenous homeland, excellent meals prepared by our chefs, cultural presentations and activities. Our days consist of: spa parties, girls’ slumber party, workshops, team building activities, creative jam session, and yoga and exercise. The annual retreat is free of charge, and provides a “vacation-style”, relaxation away. During free time, participate in many activities supported in the “host community”.

Spend your weekend with us…

The annual retreat provides our participants and mentor to develop a sister bond. The relationships that are forged with the annual retreat will continue to inspire our women to achieve their goals, to grow spiritually and with wisdom, and to engage in healthy self-care strategies.

Annual Retreat

The annual retreat begins in 2022 and is designed for Girls who Lead in the process of becoming mentors. The group is opened for participants who can attend, and are free of cost. In the following year, the mentors can volunteer and plan the annual retreat for 2023 and 2024 for the new mentors and hopefully, mentees.

Join expert leaders, excellent chefs, life coaches & team building experts for a weekend of relaxation, sister bonding, and resilience building.

Join us. Become a Mentor.