Through advocacy, we inspire leadership, representation, courage, and resilience.

Our girls are seeking advocates who can support them to achieve their goals and believe in possibilities. Our girls need to see strong Black and racialized women as their role models, who represent knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and beauty. We are seeking to achieve those outcomes for ourselves, and for our girls. Through the Wonderfully Made Girl program, we are building community and seeking to change the outcomes for young women. One girl, at a time..

Our advocacy includes:

  • Promoting workshops for girls in schools, in community centres, and other public avenues
  • Develop partnerships and networking with key stakeholders and community organizations.
  • Reducing isolation to girls experiencing poverty, child welfare involvement, barriers in education, and more.
  • Liaising with politicians and leaders to develop sustainable change and address gender-based violence, systemic racism, and promote healthier outcomes for girls.
  • Becoming international through communicating with girl group leaders across the world to inspire change and resiliency.