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A grassroots organization designed By US, For US, and With US.

Wonderfully Made is designed for girls from age 12 to young women aged 29.

Tracey Amponsah Ampofoh,
Core Member
Adrianna Perryman,
Core Member

Wonderfully Made Girl – We are creating an evolution of leadership and mentorship programs for girls to women.

In 2018, Adrianna Perryman, founder of Wonderfully Made reflected that there was a lack of representation for Black girls and girls of colour in the media, in their lives, at school, and in programs. She felt that young girls need mentors that looked like them, and they felt that they could identify with their stories. As an emerging young women, she noticed that young women experienced barriers stemming from high school to post secondary school and as they enter in the workforce. Thus, Wonderfully Made was born to inspire girls into leaders who mentor younger girls.

Our Core Team

Faith Buchanan
Dancer, Aspiring Teacher

Justine Allen
Aspiring Psychotherapist/ Business Owner

Justine is starting her psychotherapy practice as a pre-licensed professional under supervision this year. She looks forward to integrating bottom-up and top-down modalities within an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, trauma-informed, and relational framework.

Tracy Amponsah Ampofoh
Social Worker

Tracy Ampofoh is front line social worker who currently provides support to youth with complex mental health needs. Tracy has experience as both service user and worker in various systems. She has work experiences in areas such as sexual violence prevention, housing, mental health and addictions; specifically working with youth, womyn identified folks and racialized communities. Tracy strives to include an intersectional and strength based approaches in her work that blends both clinical approaches and peer based models.

Adrianna Perryman
Aspiring physician
Adrianna is a 3rd year Global Health Student at York University. She is an active volunteer with 30 Elephants, Human Trafficking Group, BOSS dance company. I am passionate about Black women’s health and equity. I am the president of I.E, a competitive dance program at York University, inspiring hip hop dance culture in the University and in the GTA.

Our Mentorship Team

Nicole Perryman

Ms. Perryman is our subject matter expert & administrator. She is a social worker, psychotherapist and social justice advocate.

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