Girls Who Lead

Social Justice

Black women are often overlooked in people’s conversations about racism and sexism even though they face a unique combination of both of these forms of discrimination simultaneously,”

Stewart Coles

This workshop is based on social justice, issues, definition, and mechanisms. The workshop will describe the inclusivity and equal representation of everyone, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. The facilitator will focus on providing tips and activities for group members to reflect upon social justice issues. In this workshop, facilitator will use the interconnecting lens of social justice. For example, accessing to inclusion and participation, knowing their rights, ability to voice their concerns and to take actions to create change, and working in solidarity to act for the mutual benefits as society.

Please watch the following videos. Reflect on key information shared in the video and statements that resonated with you. Did you experience an “aha moment?”, or a moment where you understood where the speaker was coming from because it resembled your own experience? Why? Discuss what you can do to make a difference in how you perceive information and messages from others. Discuss steps you may take to support mentees who may share a similar experience.

In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”
— Angela Davis

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Program Manual

The program manual provides a brief overview of the role of the mentor and the mentee, and will guide new participants in their role. The role of a mentor Mentors: The volunteers who will be matched with mentees in the program (older girls/women). Mentees: The youth who will participate in the program and who will […]

100 Shades of Black: Understanding colourism

In this workshop we celebrate the beauty that exists in all shades of brown and highlight the importance of young Black women uniting. This workshop is to educate girls on the impacts of colourism in their daily lives, and spread awareness on the importance of solidarity to appreciate and encompass all shades of brown.  Colourism […]

Evaluation Process

How we collect data Our organization’s mission is to provide related services to residents, clients, customers, patients, and our community. We evaluate our programs to ensure that these programs are indeed useful to the community. Our program evaluation is goal-based and include process, outcomes, effectiveness, formative, summative, and needs assessments. To analyze the Wonderfully Made […]

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