People of colour experience a disproportionate rate of stress-related health conditions due to various reasons compared to privileged population. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to be effective for managing stress and various stress-related health conditions.

The importance of being still

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The workshop will focus on mindfulness which refers to live more consciously and to deal with stressful thoughts, emotions, and it is a form of meditation. This workshop will emphasis on improving concentration and performance, being able to relax, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. The facilitator will include activities that will connect the participants to familiarizing with the spiritual ideology and cultural practices in order to enhance cultural relevance. Likewise, to demonstrate that mindfulness meditation can be a beneficial therapeutic intervention, the facilitator will employ the benefits of mindfulness. For example, learning how to handle and get rid of stress, become more focused and happier, enjoy more, work more effectively and sleep better.

There will be exercises for the group members to enhance their awareness about physical and mental sensation and being able to present in the moment. For example, the facilitator and group will practice a simple breathing exercise that involves a four-count inhale, hold it for a count of two, and then a four-count exhale. Later, they will discuss how the exercise worked when they were feeling overwhelmed or their mind was racing. Allowing themselves to pause, take deep breaths, and notice their thoughts again and without judgment. Breathing and just noticing their thoughts will not only reduce their feeling of anxiety but it will bring them to the present moment where they will feel more peaceful, clear and energetic for making their future decisions. 

Ready to start? Practice with the Creators for Change: A guided Meditation for Stressed Out Girls

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