Coping with Social and Cultural Isolation

According to Terhune, 2008, research findings revealed that women felt socially and culturally isolated and the need for support networks and positive racial socialization messages. Findings also reinforced the effect of class and the danger of homogenizing Black women’s experiences.

This workshop will focus on emotional health as an important domain of our overall well-being. The facilitator will use effective, compassionate and active listening skills to the thought provoking questions such as, what members are thinking, feeling, and the affect it can be on them and on others. Using the mindfulness approaches the facilitator will implement breathing exercises, discussions, and reinforce the positive attitude while having fun with games/quizzes. By practicing compassion for each other, the facilitator and the members of the group will set goals of being flexible and letting go old norms and expectations. They will acknowledge their struggles and appreciating others for showing up, remaining positive, and contributing to the team. The facilitator will encourage the members to share examples of empathy and kindness that they practice recently. 


Please watch the following videos. Reflect on key information shared in the video and statements that resonated with you. Did you experience an “aha moment?”, or a moment where you understood where the speaker was coming from because it resembled your own experience? Why? Discuss what you can do to make a difference in how you perceive information and messages from others. Discuss steps you may take to support mentees who may share a similar experience.

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