Staying Healthy

This workshop provides information and guidance on how to include healthy eating and physical activities in daily life.

The workshop focuses not only on getting the nutrients the body needs by adopting the choices of whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables but it also focus on the strategies to stay active with short and sharp exercises.

For this purpose, the workshop includes common interests’ questions, discussions, nutrition knowledge, simple exercises and recipes handouts. 

This workshop further explores challenges which may impact our healthy such as disease, eating disorders, and our mental health.


This workshop is for mentors who want to learn about healthy lifestyle management. It will help provide mentors with an advanced knowledge of healthy living strategies. The workshop is also offered for mentees.

To learn more about workshops, contact us:

Self-Development 101

This course is geared to support mentors access tools needed to develop themselves both professionally and interpersonally. The course covers developing achievable goals, healthy communication, managing conflict and emotional regulation. The course consists of short videos, self-reflection and articles. The course should take 1 hour to complete and is a prerequisite course for the mentorship…

Spoken Word Workshop

Wonderfully Made is a program initiative that was created to counter the disparity that girls feel as they compare themselves to images. This initiative is designed for Black girls from the ages of 12 to 29 years old. The program matches girls with older girls of colour to foster positive peer mentorship and sisterhood. Black…

Ancestral Wisdom

Who are we? Where did we come from? What was our history? Where can we go? This workshop focuses upon sharing wisdom of past ancestors, leaders, and change makers. Our history is often always told through the eyes of the slave master and its ancestors, but this course focuses on the history told by our…

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