Self-Care and You

written by: Winnie, BSW candidate

Self care is about taking responsibility of and initiating the management of ones own physical, and mental health. It is necessary for all individuals to improve and maintain their well being. Self care is also about self improvement, and finding ways to cope and build resilience to endure through tough times.

Burnout is a physical or mental collapse resulting from stress. Burnouts have the potential to affect our mental health, well being, and quality of life. Burnouts can impact your ability to concentrate and focus on work, your quality of sleep, and can produce anxiety resulting in isolation or anxious procrastination.

Self care reduces burnout and promotes mental health wellness which is essential for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Mental health wellness is also very important as it goes hand in hand with emotional wellness. Emotional regulation and balance, is strengthened by a sound mind, which promotes healthy relationships, and strong performance skills.

Compassion fatigue refers to the emotional and physical exhaustion affecting health care professionals and caregivers overtime. Compassion fatigue highlights the importance of practicing self care too maintain your health.

There are many practices individuals can implement into their lives to ensure self care and create a healthy work/life balance:

Self reflection on your personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and knowing when it is necessary to take a break is a good way to be mindful of your mental health and well being.

Being active, meditating, avoiding stress triggers, participating in social activities, and catching up on sleep are also effective ways of practicing self care.

As human beings, social contact and connection with others is essential. With all of the social media and screen time we experience on a daily basis, connecting with close friends and loved ones is important for out mental health, and a great way to practice self care.

Making self care a priority is not only beneficial to ourselves, but to others, ensuring that we are the best possible versions of ourselves when working and communicating with others. 

To learn more about the importance of self-care, consider joining the Wonderfully Made team to become a mentor or access support from a mentor.

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