Professional Identity

Acting like a million bucks!

In North America, many people define themselves by their professional identity. Having a great professional presence online and in person is designed to assist you with achieving your career goals. For Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, a mentor can also help guide you on the journey you wish to try.


This workshop will focus on how professional, personal and environmental resources help to develop one’s professional identity.

The facilitator ensure a safe learning environment to discuss challenges, ethical dilemmas, cognitive processes that can help the members to develop their confidence, competency and their knowledge of diversity and inclusion that will help the process of professional growth.

The workshop focuses on having a strong professional identity that enables us to consider our values and how they relate to the behaviours that are expected of us by being an individual, professional, and colleagues.

Likewise, the workshop also examined the ways how attitudes, values, knowledge, beliefs and skills that shared with others within a professional group can help to enhance the professional identities.

Having a strong professional identity enables us to consider our values as an individual professional and colleague.


This workshop is designed for mentors and mentees, and is a pre requisite for mentors to meet their professional mentee.

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