Me Myself and I (Self Expressions)


This program focuses on self expression, and provides young women with the opportunity to explore different forms of expression through art, music, writing, drama etc. We explore the concept of emotional regulation, and coping mechanisms, all in efforts to build self confidence, explore feelings of meaning/purpose, and to connect and grow with one another. 


Self expression at it core is the action of expressing yourself, and it can take a wide variety of forms (Ackerman, 2021).Neuroscience has demonstrated that self expression may be one of the most important ways for people to connect, navigate, and grow with each other. Many young women can connect with one another through shared experience of hardships as a result of oppression and racism, addiction, mental health, relationships, body image, and social media. These are all experiences with the potential to negatively impact a young woman’s well being. In addition to this, feeling the need to conform to society hinders our personal growth. The opportunity to freely express one’s inner thoughts, feelings, and ideas, without any judgment, serves as an effective way to freely explore our self identity and become confident in our own skin. It is also a way to release negative feelings that threaten our happiness. Self expression results in freedom, authenticity, acceptance, closer relationships, inspiration, and discovery. Self expression also goes hand in hand with our emotions, giving us a deeper understanding of, and the opportunity to regulate them. Studies on emotional regulation indicate that there is a significant positive correlation between emotion regulation and depression management (Chowdhury, 2021), indicating that emotional regulation produces higher emotional control, and social emotional intelligence.


  • Explore and participate in different forms of self expression, exploring one’s self identity, interacting, sharing, growing, and connecting with peers.
  • Understand the concept of emotional regulation and learn to regulate one’s own emotions through self expression
  • Explore and adopt different coping mechanisms to build resilience and deal with stressors in our daily lives.

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