Rites of Passage

On our journey to womenhood and as we form our identity, we travel through a process of transformation, development, renewal and exploration.

A rite of passage is defined as a ritual or experience that marks a major milestone or change in a person’s life, and they can be particularly important for children.

Akoma Unity Centre

A rites of passage is important for girls as they reinforce a sense of belonging and renewal. There is a focus on developing an identity separate from others. The rites of passage program enhances cultural knowledge and identity, and reinforces a sense of change as an individual and within the community.

This workshop is completed in partnership with a community organization. It consists of an eight-month process and is separated in three different phases (character building, transformation, and inclusion). A key component of the rites of passage is incorporating social justice, civic engagement, identity development, and relationship building,

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

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