Being your best self

The self, is often studied by great philosophers and psychologist. We know that there is a self that we “project” and a self that is hidden. The “self” that is masked and hidden from the world can often be wrought with pain, trauma, low self-esteem, self-hate, and lack of connection. For our young women’s development and transformation, we need to be conscious and aware of our self and how this identity can impact our lives and our outcomes.

Life is your birthright, they hid that in the fine print. …take the pen and rewrite it. Step out your estimate. Step in your essence and know that you’re excellent

Song by Beyonce

Workshop details

This workshop will cover understanding the theories that define the self and identity, teach participants to understand the many faces of their “self”, and promote the process of self-reflection. The workshop will teach young women how to develop a self-care plan, and create personal goals and outcomes. It will help young women to improve their emotional development, self-esteem, and sense of belonging.

We ask not ‘who are you’, but who will you become.

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