Creating Change for Girls

This module teaches mentors the benefits and risks to developing programs for girls, and ways to address change but also anticipating the struggles that may also exist.

Background: Wonderfully Made is directed at bridging the gap between intent and action of providing appropriate mentorship for girls aged 12 to 29 years. As the program builds, we hope to develop programming that supports girls as young as 4 years old.

Our unique focus:

  • Black girls who have experienced gaps in services that don’t focus on their specific needs that are influenced by systemic racism, biases, stereotypes, and discrimination.
  • Generating the power of knowledge and wisdom inherent in our culture, our history, our ancestors, and current affairs.

To achieve this, the program was designed so that women of colour can grow to aspire to see images of beauty, intelligence and talent that fits with their own identity.


Workshop Designs:

The intervention activities included will be a 2 to 3-hour workshop that cover topics ranging from healthy body image, appreciating diversity, communication and social interaction. These workshops will be delivered through collaborative and interactive arts to build and develop mentor and mentee relationships.

Expected Change Outcomes

This program would help create change in three levels.

Short-term outcomes focus on learning about healthy body images, creating difference and diversity, developing communication skills, making friends and creating positive group cohesion. This will happen through the completion of workshops and the training given to the mentors.

Future desired outcomes: mentees and mentors will demonstrate by effective communication with peers. They will critically examining messages of body images in the media and empowering women of colour.

Sustainable outcomes of change: The long-term outcomes will focus on creating strong community ties between girls of varying ages, celebrating difference of all women and creating leaders who are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

We assume that our program:              

The internal assumptions that are found within this program is that in order for the program to function, there needs to have an effective referral system that allows the girls to connect with the program. Another assumption is the continued availability of mentors and core group members. As the mentors are volunteers, there is a chance of continued turnover. Continued support of team ensures the success of the program. One other assumption that is required is creating a curriculum for the program that engages the participants and allows for growth.

The external assumptions is that any program needs access to resources including space and funding for continuation. These are barriers that can limit the program’s success. There can even be demographic barriers, where the location of the program does not meet the needs of the participants. Other assumptions include changes in the larger economy and policies that are created that may affect the families in the program.     

We need you! Programs like Wonderfully Made and Girls who Lead rely upon our key stakeholders, our community, and individuals who believe in our mission, and our drive as young people to achieve goals and make sustainable change.

Become a support, elder or advocate

Our program is seeking organizations, elders, and mentors who can mentor our core group members and mentors to successfully build our program. Consider joining, supporting our initiative and making referrals.

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